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Hey everyone, me again

I’m working on a few pieces right now but I need a lot of help. Commissions are open, please let me know if you need something altered, or drawn, or anything. I even have steampunk-modded guns for sale. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it. It has to go back uphill sooner or later- right? Much love.


Posted 4 months ago

Four new alters are on my table and will be up on eBay tonight once they’re finished! Stay tuned, faithful friends!

Posted 5 months ago
Hi! Can I ask you a question about Magic artworks? How to correct smears and imperfections on the borders? I observed that acetone makes some alterations of the color. I can't make clear borders! Can you help me? Sorry for my english.
natasottosaturno asked

Hello! Thanks for your question! I do not use acetone to remove the borders, I use very thin layers of gray paint to cover up the borders, so that the other parts of the card are not damaged. :) I hope that this helps! If you have more questions, just message me again :)

Posted 5 months ago

Friends do things for each other out of love. I hope mine is excited when she sees this! It’s perfect for her b/w deck!

Posted 5 months ago
Do you have a page where I could look at the alters you've already done?
uselesspoliticalstatement asked

My whole blog is full of ‘em, just keep scrollin :D

Posted 6 months ago
Do you do character alters as well? or just art extensions?
insertcreativepersonalblogname asked

I can also do character alters as well! ^__^

Posted 6 months ago

I’m back! Commissions: Open

Happy March, all!

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to 2014. I apologize for any unread messages you may have sent me, and also for my extended absence! I WILL be taking Commissions as of TODAY, so if you would like an alter, please send me an ask/fanmail with the following info:

1) your name (First & Last please!)

2) mailing address (so you can get your card back duh haha)

3) email address

4) any special requests for your alter

5) tell me something about yourself!

my email address is if you’d like to contact me there as well! I try to answer as often as possible, but it’s best to ping my attention on Tumblr first haha :D

my prices are the same, which you can find here

(Please remind me if you’re a returning customer! I forget names every now and then lol)


As some of you may or may not know, I am working on a Merida cosplay thingy, and I want it to look as legit as possible. I’m currently looking for this:


This is the necklace given to Merida by her mother. I don’t understand why they use bears, if that’s what got King Fergus’ leg swallowed in the first place, but eh, Gaelic logic. Anyhow, I NEED this piece for my costume. Need it. Need. So if you have the ability to create this somehow, PLEASE PLEASE message me!! I am willing to pay for it either by PayPal or by doing an art trade.

Thanks everyone! Hope to hear from y’all soon!


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Does Bigup have a tumblr???? His alters make me never want to alter again for as long as I live, but so do yours so I am kind of at a loss here

Posted 8 months ago

Stupid app decided to save this as a draft when I took this ages ago instead of posting it.. *throws tumblr out the window* anyways here’s that gorgeous girl we all know & love, in some fine Loki armor. Picture doesn’t do her much justice though.

(Sorry, I am not currently taking commissions, but there might be some alters up for auction pretty soon so keep an eye out for updates!)

Posted 8 months ago

Here’s some pics of a few cards that were finished & mailed out. Enjoy!

Btw I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR to put a Santa hat on my signature because god it’s just so cute